Urban Protect | Cuida de ti, cuida de los demás

Diseño y protección se unen para cuidar de ti. La máxima calidad y diseño se unen con la protección en la cápsula Urban Protect.

Urban Protect | Cuida de ti, cuida de los demás

Urban Protect

For more than 40 years, the passion for fabrics and innovation have accompanied SIMORRA as the driving force and inspiration of the company. From this vocation to innovate, research and innovate, 10 years ago Simorra Lab was created, an area of the company committed to innovation and design that now launches this new development.

In Urban Protect innovation and design are inseparable, neither exists without the other, they are companions on the same journey. Enveloping outerwear, with a passion for small details, wearable, fashionable. All of them with special and technical fabrics that incorporate NAKEBA VirProtect+ technology®.

Maximum quality and design meet protection. SIMORRA presents a collection of outerwear of the highest quality and design that are trendy in winter. The first collection in Spain with a treated fabric that inactivates Covid-19.

The garments are made with the latest generation of Japanese fabrics that guarantee maximum quality, comfort and versatility. A reusable and long-lasting product. The garments are 100% recyclable and their production has been approved by BlueSign.

Protection 2.0 The need for protection is something innate in human beings from the womb. A warm, enveloping and protective feeling that accompanies us throughout our lives. The evolution of societies and their dangers force us to develop new forms of protection against our threats, again with clothing as an ally.

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Photos by Xavier Carpio

Take care of yourself, take care of others.