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soul, matter and design

about simorra

SIMORRA was born in 1978 by Javier Simorra, who learned the trade directly from his father, a Barcelona couturier with a traditional trade and a passion for Opera.


At the end of the 70s, Javier Simorra decided to create a fashion proposal that combined the elegant gesture and level of detail of the sewing that he learned at home, with a more modern way of making that was closer to the ready-to-wear of the moment.

In 2016, the brand enters a new stage of modernization with the incorporation of the Dimas family. With extensive textile experience, the family group begins an updating process that, as Javier Simorra did at the time, focuses mainly on innovating from the creation process, thus giving the main role to materials.

« The new SIMORRA puts fabric at the center of the design and understands the material as a vehicle of creative expression to communicate messages and emotions. »

It is the material and its potential to transmit emotions, which gives shape and gives depth to a contemporary and transgenerational design that knows how to fuse traditional with new trends to add strength.

simorra world

art & artisans

SIMORRA looks at life with curiosity in search of different forms of aesthetic expression that help us tell reality in a stimulating way: exploring its limits, admiring its beauty and collaborating with creatives from all fields to proactively offer real life solutions. value added.


Art, matter, origin, creation, fabric; They are the protagonists of the work of Armando Mesías x SIMORRA. A work that, in addition to capturing the SIMORRA essence, gives life to the performance that took place during the last event for creative and entrepreneurial women in Barcelona.

simorra talks

Nina Masó, editor and co-founder of the lighting firm Santa&Cole, inaugurates the SIMORRA talks. A reflection on the influence of light in everyday life, its effect on spaces and people and on the re-edition of objects.

simorra sculpture

We developed by hand a sculpture created from strips of fabrics from the collection that highlight Ancestral Weaving SS24: the desire to interweave an increasingly individualized society, where the true strength lies in the community.

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simorra events

alzueta gallery

simorra events

nina masó | the light when the sun goes away

simorra talks

vast gallery

simorra events