Welcome to Pangea

Millions of years ago the earth was united in a single continent without borders. Arid landscapes, scarce rainfall and animal species lived in freedom across a vast and infinite territory. The earth was one. They called it Pangea.

The spirit of Pangea inspires our collection and aims to reconnect us with everything that unites us: land, water and ultimately, the need to connect with what was once our comfort zone. The freedom of movement, the coexistence of different cultures and the traveling spirit of the XXI century woman are present in a collection that transports us to the origin.

And so, among so much chaos and disorder, we find ourselves with the obligation to meet again, to understand each other and to unite. Yes, in a world in which everything seems global but on the contrary, is more de-globalized than ever, fashion bursts into the sector as a way of escape and reflection of society.

Pangea, the supercontinent that once millions of years ago was "all in one" is now the name of SIMORRA's Spring Summer 2020 collection. A concept in which the firm wants to reaffirm the need to unite, feel and live. A collection by and for everyone. A collection that does not discriminate, that does not prioritize or select, but respects, welcomes and loves. Full of colors that are synonymous with diversity. Diversity of races and ethnicities, countries and cities. Bright and cheerful colors that identify with each of the cultures. Colors such as khaki, brown or beige that symbolize mother earth, the nature of all and that inspires us every day. And blue in its different shades that represent the ocean that was once unique, Panthalassa.

This collection represents union and diversity. A necessary proposal that represents the shortcomings of a divided society eager to meet again and understand that despite all the differences, we are all one and there is no better way than celebrating it by praising what makes us unique. Understanding that plurality is necessary and that going back to the origins, sometimes, is a mandatory exercise to understand that there is no better way to evolve than knowing where we come from and where we are going.


Photos by Xavi Carpio

A journey to the origin. To understand what unites us.